Exclusive apartments for rent in the Netherlands

High-end renting is the perfect solution for young professionals, expats or pensionados who want freedom. Whoever you are: you will find your ideal rental apartment on luxevastgoed.nl. Carefree living in an exclusive apartment is almost nowhere better than in the Netherlands!

Discover the most unique properties in the Netherlands

Your luxury apartment and the housing benefits

Renting a luxury apartment has many advantages. For example, you are often - even in busy city centers - assured of your own parking space and storage space. And so you don't have to worry about home maintenance. Also garden maintenance is a thing of the past, after all, your balcony or terrace offers all the freedom in the world! And are you a tenant? Then you usually don't even have to attend VVE meetings. 

High-end renting

Is there a high-end apartment for rent in the Netherlands? You can find it on luxevastgoed.nl. Because the real estate agents with the right offer of exclusive apartments know where to find us. Whether the rental object is located in a hip city center or in an idyllic rural village. And whether the definition of luxury is in the square meters or in the service level of the complex. Wherever your dream apartment is located, you will find it here.