Great living in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is on the rise! Year after year, this port city is becoming hipper, more modern, self-confident and contemporary! If you are looking for luxury real estate in Manhattan on the Maas, you can indulge yourself. Because thanks to the international character of the city, the residential possibilities are endless. Not only is Rotterdam home to a number of famous skyscrapers containing the most luxurious lofts, you will also find exclusive historic houses. The fact that the metropolis also has its own airport is ideal for a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

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International living on the Maas

With the Erasmus University Rotterdam has one of the most innovative universities in the Netherlands and partly thanks to the ports the city is an international celebrity. Moreover, Rotterdam is a business city with a no-nonsense attitude. Don't bullshit but polish, is still true here. And this translates into luxury real estate! From the most beautiful skyline in the Netherlands to villas designed by high-end architects: Rotterdam has it. From new housing estates to historic homes: you'll find it here. 

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On we collect the high-end offerings in Rotterdam. The most exclusive brokers in the higher segment know how to find their way to this portal. Not for nothing we are number 1 in exclusive properties.