Blaricum offers everything

Famous architecture, attractive farms, green surroundings with plenty of water: Blaricum offers everything! It is not for nothing that it is known as one of the most beautiful villages in the Netherlands. Heath, nature, water and forests: for nature lovers Blaricum is almost un-Dutch beautiful. Add to that the friendly atmosphere and strategic location and who wants to live exclusively knows enough. Blaricum is where you want to be.

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Atmospheric real estate

From farmhouses to spacious villas: you wouldn't say that Blaricum was once a peasant settlement anymore. As one of the most prosperous places in the Netherlands (and in 't Gooi!), Blaricum offers several exclusive real estate opportunities. From atmospheric living in the center of the rustic village to along such a beautiful winding road turn to your own oasis of tranquility. From living on the waterfront to the luxury of new housing Blaricummermeent. Everything is possible in Blaricum. 

Exclusive living in 't Gooi

Blaricum is a place of high prosperity. Famous names from the village are Mondriaan and Singer, but also many actors, singers and artists feel at home in Blaricum. Who wants to live exclusively, wants to go to Blaricum.