Aerdenhout: cut from the right wood

The name of the place Aerdenhout is a corruption of 'Den Anderen Hout'. And whoever lives there is cut out of the right wood! Because the luxurious place near Bloemendaal and Haarlem is actually an extensive residential area. Nowhere else in the Netherlands can you find so many exclusive homes together. The perfect place for those looking for luxury real estate!

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Vast neighbourhoods full of exclusive homes

If you are looking for luxury real estate in Aerdenhout, you can count yourself rich. In the wooded area with beach and dunes around the corner, it is excellent living. Do you prefer a luxury villa? Or would you prefer a classic country house? Is a modern house to your taste? Or do you prefer contemporary new construction? The possibilities in Aerdenhout are endless. 

Luxury real estate in Aerdenhout 

Who dreams of a driveway with stately fence and winding path along stately trees, sits well in Aerdenhout. collects for you exactly those houses, so you will be spared a long quest. With us you will find the offer of leading real estate agents in the higher segment of the real estate market. Everything to get you as soon as possible at the gate of your own dream driveway.